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Joe Asta is a content creator, writer, director, podcast host, and all around pop culture enthusiast living in land of dreams (Van Nuys, CA)



Born in Bergen county, New Jersey and raised on a healthy combination of Springsteen albums and 80s pop culture, I spent most of my childhood recapping the adventures of my favorite heroes to anyone who wouldn’t walk away.  

One day when I was slightly older than I care to admit, I learned that Gotham was not a real city.  Harrison Ford is just an actor - not a scruffy-looking nerf herder who saved the galaxy - and radioactive spider bites are pretty damn hard to come by.  I was devastated, but then I had an epiphany: legends come from somewhere - or more appropriately - someone. 


My list of heroes started to grow; Stan Lee, Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante and Robert Zemeckis. They are the people who made the impossible, possible.

Just like Luke when he went to the dagobah system, I moved to the Midwest to join Wright State University's award-winning Motion Picture department. WSU taught me basic and complex skills of the craft. I got my hands dirty; cut on film, pulled all-nighters and watched every flick I could get my hands on from the masters: Fellini, Godard, Hitchcock, Kurosawa and Bergman. 

The list of heroes got a lot longer, adding names like Martin Scorsese, Dario Argento and Nicholas Ray. The storytellers - the ones who make us feel something personal or profound - they were my inspiration. I had found my calling: a mission at 24 FPS to join the ranks. 

Bukowski said:  “find what you love and let it kill you.” 

About a decade ago I flew out to LA to write & make movies - I’m still kickin’.

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