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Joe Asta & Colin Brooks are two hungry writers who are actively seeking representation. Professional readers on The Blacklist have praised their work saying  “The writing style is assured and confident" with "a pitch-black sense of humor" and that the "action sequences and environments are visually exciting”.


They're a dynamic duo ready to work in both Features and Television. Here are the projects they currently have available:

IMAGINARY FRIEND - Feature - Coming of Age / Comedy


A young convict breaks out of a Women’s Correctional Facility and finds shelter in a small suburb where she convinces an average teenage boy that she is his long lost imaginary friend. She might be a little rough around the edges, but they've both got some growing up to do.


LAZER WORLD - Feature - Action / Comedy


A ragtag group of heroes struggle to survive when the world’s first laser tag theme park receives a deadly update that brings it to life. 


EMPTY SPACES -  Feature - Thriller / Horror


Aged icon, Henry Rivers, is reprising the role that made him famous in a traveling interactive murder-mystery show stopping in the eerie, hidden town of Roebourn, However, the line between reality and the show blurs as cast members go missing...


THE EASY RIDERS - Feature - Action / Horror  


Two young brothers (raised in a world full of roaming lunatics and zombies) cautiously join a badass band of bikers known as THE EASY RIDERS who take them on the last great adventure. 


PARTIES  - Pilot & Bible - Comedy 


Two best friends shuffle through college while dealing with everything from heartaches to hangovers. A high concept comedy shown only through the most important social interactions of their lives – PARTIES.



If you’re interested in reading / discussing any of these projects in further, please don’t hesitate to contact us @ (Or just hit the icon)



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